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IP2Location Web Service Product Comparison

You are now comparing these packages:
Input Field Format Description
IP Required IP address of Internet visitor
LICENSE Required License key for trial and premium users
Output Field Format Description Basic Standard Professional
COUNTRYCODE String ISO-3166 two character country name of the IP address.
COUNTRYNAME String Country name of the IP address.
REGION String Region name of the IP address.
CITY String City name of the IP address.
LATITUDE Float Latitude of the IP address.
LONGITUDE Float Longitude of the IP address.
ZIPCODE String Zip code of the IP address.
TIME_ZONE String The time zone number represents by the hours past the Greenwich Time Zone.
ISPNAME String ISP of the IP address.
DOMAINNAME String Domain name of the IP address.
NETSPEED String Internet connection type. DIAL = dial up, DSL = broadband/cable, COMP = company/T1
AREACODE String A varying length number assigned to geographic areas for call between cities.
WEATHERSTATIONCODE String The special code to identify the nearest weather observation station.
WEATHERSTATION String The name of the nearest weather observation station.
CREDITSAVAILABLE String Number of queries remaining in your account, can be used to alert you when you may need to add more queries to your account.
MESSAGE String Web Service Message Response